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NEMEA OpenWrt feed


This is an OpenWrt package feed containing NEMEA system components for exporting flow data.

Infrastructure with NEMEA and OpenWRT router

The figure above shows OpenWRT router with running NEMEA flow exporter flow_meter. Since OpenWRT routers usually use big-endian architecture, it is necessary to use a special module endiverter that converts values of UniRec fields to the byte-order that is used on x86 architecture. Due to performace reasons, this conversion is not done automatically in libtrap nor UniRec.


To use these packages, add the following line to the feeds.conf in the OpenWrt buildroot:

src-git nemea

To install package definitions, run:

./scripts/feeds update nemea
./scripts/feeds install -a -p nemea

The NEMEA packages should now appear in make menuconfig.


NEMEA module flow_meter can report statistics using munin client. See this guide.