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Netopeer2 – The NETCONF Toolset

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Netopeer2 is a set of tools implementing network configuration tools based on the NETCONF Protocol. This is the second generation of the toolset, originally available as the Netopeer project. Netopeer2 is based on the new generation of the NETCONF and YANG libraries - libyang and libnetconf2. The Netopeer server uses sysrepo as a NETCONF datastore implementation.

Netopeer2 is maintained and further developed by the Tools for Monitoring and Configuration department of CESNET. Any feedback, testing or feature requests are welcome. Please contact us via the issue tracker.

Current State

  • CLI - simple command line interface to connect to a NETCONF server (device).
  • server - NETCONF server with a modular datastore allowing interconnection and control of various applications.