Tested cards

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We have successfully tested and used following I/O devices:

SDI/DVI/HDMI capture/monitor cards

  • AJA Kona 3/3G/4 (Linux and Mac[1], currently capture only)
  • AJA Corvid 88 (Linux and Mac[1], currently capture only)
  • BlackMagic Design DeckLink 4K Extreme
  • BlackMagic Design DeckLink HD Extreme 3D+
  • BlackMagic Design DeckLink Mini Monitor/Recorder
  • BlackMagic Design DeckLink Pro HD PCIe
  • BlackMagic Design DeckLink Quad
  • BlackMagic Design Intensity/Intensity Pro/Intensity Shuttle
  • BlackMagic Design MultiBridge PCIe
  • BlackMagic UltraStudio Pro/Thunderbolt
  • Bluefish444 4K Epoch|SuperNova
  • DELTACAST DELTA-3G-elp-d 04, DELTA-3G-e 22[2]
  • DELTACAST DELTA-dvi-e 20
  • DELTACAST DELTA-hd4k-elp
  • DVS Centaurus
  • DVS Centaurus II
  • Magewell Pro Capture AIO 4K Plus
  • Magewell Pro Capture AIO
  • Magewell Capture USB HDMI/SDI

Videoconferencing systems

  • Logitech CC3000e (Linux - V4L2+ALSA, MSW - DirectShow+Portaudio, OS X - AV Foundation+CoreAudio)


  • Logitech C920 (V4L2, AV Foundation, DirectShow)

[1] For Windows support please contact us
[2] DELTA-3G-e 22 is supported only in VideoMasterHD SDK 5.20 and earlier

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