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Changelog (since 3.2.0)


  • Gather IdP and IdPs organzation name attributes.
  • Fixed comparison of TaskSchedule improves service provisioning planning.
  • Fixed JSON deserialization of RichMember when synchronizing two perun instances.
  • Upgrade to Spring 5.1
  • Hide create VO button in GUI is configured for specific instance.
  • Auto-create member:def:organization attribute.
  • Check input length of user titles.
  • Allow Facility deletion, even when blocked service exists.
  • Move VOMS group names and roles attributes into group-resource like attributes.
  • Fixed selecting UserExtSource attributes by their names.
  • Smart sort hostnames in GUI (hosts, destinations, task results).
  • Perun admin can switch between type of users: sponsored, service and normal users.
  • Initial support for new ways of auditing (each message is an object, stored as simple json in new table).
  • Support for custom template of notification send to user to reset password (by vo manager).


  • Registration module for eduTEAMS nickname.
  • Gather also isCesnetElegibleLastSeen attribute and use it in registration modules for Metacentrum and DU.
  • Updated BBMRI registration module.


  • Support for foreign proxies (show original identity IdP names) in registrar and profile.


  • Allow un/blocking all services on facility/destination.
  • Support for SCIM protocol in API.


  • Fixed compatibility with Java 11.
  • Fixed running test on current Debian (broken OpenJDK).
  • Fixed overall log levels.
  • Add error message to listing of TaskResults for destination in CLI.