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A flow layout for UICollectionView that implements swiping-to-select gestures.
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A flow layout for UICollectionView that implements swiping-to-select gestures.

##Functionality ###Panning to select Just touch down and pan and select items in your UICollectionView, much easier than tapping each item

###Auto-select rows If you choose you can enable auto-selecting rows, where if you pan to select an entire row you can continue panning down to select whole rows at a time.

###Pan to deselect Along with panning to select collection view cells, you can choose to enable panning to deselect, where if you start panning from a selected cell, the panning will deselect cells.

###Auto select cells between touches If you choose you can enable auto selection of cells between a first and second touch. Where all cells between the two touches will be selected.

##SEQBImagePickerController The example use case (as seen in the gifs) is using SECollectionViewFlowLayout in combination with QBImagePickerController to select multiple photos from a UIImagePickerController clone. You can use this image picker in your project by adding to your podfile:

pod 'SEQBImagePickerController' 

##SECollectionViewFlowLayout You can also use SECollectionViewFlowLayout in your project and use it with your own UICollectionView.

pod 'SECollectionViewFlowLayout' 


When initializing your UICollectionViewController using initWithCollectionViewLayout:, allocate a new SECollectionViewFlowLayout

UICollectionViewController *collectionViewController = 
[[UICollectionViewController alloc] initWithCollectionViewLayout:
[SECollectionViewFlowLayout layoutWithAutoSelectRows:YES panToDeselect:YES autoSelectCellsBetweenTouches:YES]];

##Contributing Use Github issues to track bugs and feature requests


Chris Wendel



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