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SciStreams for CMS pipeline.

Author : Kevin G. Yager

Ported to git by : Julien Lhermitte

This is a work in progress and a streaming version of SciAnalysis. For various notes, see internal page:


  • python develop


  • current tests are not unit tests. Meant only for debugging
  • add databroker interface to all functions

File Structure:

  • core/ : The backbone of the streaming pipeline. This could likely be its own library.
    • : the StreamDoc extension to the streams library
    • : the subclassed Stream library that acts on StreamDoc objects.
  • callbacks/ : Callbacks that take event streams
  • utils/ : various utilities that don't fit anywhere else
  • streams/ : all processes involving streams go here
  • data/ : objects that handle data
  • processing/ : functions/objects that process data. The goal is to eventually move this into another analysis library.
  • interfaces/ : Everything in the code runs on StreamDoc objects. External data must be converted to this format. All routines involving this conversion are found in folders in the interfaces folder:
    • /databroker : databroker data <-> StreamDoc conversions
    • /databroker_simulator : databroker data (simulated) <-> StreamDoc conversions
    • /plotting_mpl : matploblib <-> StreamDoc conversions
    • /xml : xmls <-> StreamDoc conversions
    • /file : file <-> StreamDoc conversions
    • : the StreamDoc object.
    • : the stream handling objects.
    • : stream handling objects involving distributed computation
  • /startup : various frontend scripts to run routine batch processing
  • /tests : unit tests
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