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a cute bot that does stuff

her invite link to add her to your server Uni Invite


  • Good Uptime
  • Easily Configurable
  • Music Support (almost everything except Nicovideo)
  • Starboard
  • Osu stats

Donation Links



I wanna report a bug

  • You can contact computerfreaker#0015 on Discord
  • Head to the Discord Server: Server Invite

Why is the bot not responding

Is the bot online?

  • if no, just give it a moment I'm likely updating
  • If yes, check your permissions

Can I help with development?

  • Ofcourse, just send a PR request with the new features and I'll personally look at it


General Commands Info
help gives you all the current commands
botinfo get the current stats for Uni
changecolor WIP command that can change users role color
eightball ask the eightball a question and it will give an answer
hextoint put in a hexcode and get the integer for it back
inttohex put in an integer and get the hexcode for it back
invite get the invite for the bot
osu get stats from any osu player
pcpartpicker get a link from users pcpartpickers list
ping check the ping of the bot
saucenao get the image source for an image
serverinfo get the info for the current server
stackoverflow Search for answers on StackOverflow
uptime get the current uptime of the bot
userinfo get info about a person
userprefix change or set your own custom prefix
viewxp profile command (WIP)
vote get link to vote
NSFW Commands Info
google Command broken (should show results of users request)
hentai get a random hentai image from my API
lewdcatgirl get a NSFW catgirl picture from my API
trap get an image of an anime trap
urban get a quote from urban
wikipedia get an article from wikipedia
Moderation Commands Info
ban ban a person from the server
config get the config and change the config for the bot
clean clean messages from Uni (default is 10)
hackban ban any user provided using the Users ID
kick kick an user from the server
mute mute a person in the server
prefix change the guilds prefix
reason put a reason on a modlog case
setup setup the bot
snipe get the most recent deleted message
unban unban a banned user
unmute Unmute people.
Music Commands Info
autoplay automatically plays a song when the queue has ended
nowplaying get the currently playing song
pause pause the currently playing song
play start playing a song
queue see the currently queue'd songs
shuffle shuffle the songs currently in queue
skip skip the currently playing song
stop stop the music from playing
volume change the volume of the music
Image Commands Info
anime gets a random image from my API
baguette get a random baguette image from my API
catgirl get a random catgirl image from my API
duck get a random image from
hug hug another user
yuri get a wholesome yuri picture from my API
Owner Commands Info
amiowner silly command to check if you are the bots owner
changename change the name of the bot
changenickname change the nickname of the bot
eval eval some code
restart restart the bot
say say something
shell execute commands directly to shell
shutdown shutdown the bot
status change the playing status of the bot
updatebot update the bot


Current License:

This project is protected under the Apache License 2.0, for more information click on the link.