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2D Arrangement Demo Enhancement with New Geometric Curves #2367

zhoutianyu16tue opened this issue Aug 23, 2017 · 0 comments

2D Arrangement Demo Enhancement with New Geometric Curves #2367

zhoutianyu16tue opened this issue Aug 23, 2017 · 0 comments


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@zhoutianyu16tue zhoutianyu16tue commented Aug 23, 2017

Project Summary

By playing around with the 2D Arrangement demo, users can have a visual and direct experience on what functionalities to expect from this module before diving into official documentations.

The present demo program supports several geometric objects such as line segments. The main goal is to add the support of Bezier and algebraic curves, which enriches the functionalities of the demo.

List of Commits

  • f142fc1 cleand Utils.h
  • 70a70f8 cleaned MergeEdgeCallback.h & SplitEdgeCallback.h
  • 805cb8e cleaned FillFaceCallback.h & GraphicsViewCurveInput.*
  • 9ead0e2 cleaned EnvelopeCallback.h
  • 4ac3e5f cleaned DeleteCurveCallback.h
  • 192cbf3 cleaned ArrangementPainterOstream.h & CurveGraphicsItem.h
  • c61338f cleaned ArrangementPainterOstream.cpp
  • 7ef049e cleaning the code
  • a0b3f77 cleaning the code
  • 8a66cca cleaning the code
  • 43b0a23 cleaning the code
  • 977bf2a changed the initial tab back to Segment
  • 7a2025e more comments and deleted some obsolete code
  • cbeaf95 patch
  • 1761338 patch
  • f15c7af patch
  • f7cb83f patch
  • ec565a3 added new curve deletion mode
  • b7aaae1 enhanced poly expresion parser
  • 96e0eed fixed an issue in algebraic tab
  • a1f7d3f fixed a mergeEdge issue in algebraic tab
  • 333798d working on issues in on algebraic tabs
  • df15e72 patch
  • 00469a9 fixed the panning(dragging) issue
  • 18b0a9a fixed many problems in algebraic tab
  • 6cbc17e patch
  • 64b3a4a fixing the Save & Open file function; Poly tab is still problematic
  • 696998c fixed the problem of point location or vertical ray shooting remain after changing tabs
  • 7754a07 patch
  • 9f23602 changing tabs will update the filling color immediately
  • d0a5136 algebraic insert mode enabled
  • 0adfd23 Algebraic curve input Dialog LineEdit gets focus
  • cedba85 patch
  • 8ed5b53 fixing the brushing tool not working in Circular Arc tab issue
  • 5a8bba2 brushing tool made better with unbounded faces
  • 243abbf fixed the scaling for algebraic curves
  • 97ed675 small patch
  • f74bd2f added implementation in Utils.h for Compute_squared_distance_2 Arr_algebraic_segment_traits_2
  • b5451de patch
  • 29657a9 added brushing for tabs with only one unbounded face
  • 6c7bd32 small patch
  • 8580a27 made the orgin of algebraic curves in the center of window
  • 14807cd small patch
  • da636f0 patch
  • 8e816c3 fixed the problem of Split Edge tool does not work in Circular Arc tab
  • 6d4f1c1 used new ways to make the dot at origin disappear; working on brushing unbounded faces; the serious segmentation fault should be fixed noew
  • 73c1178 small patch
  • 599a161 fixed the problem of Envelope tool does not work properly in Linear tab with unbounded curves
  • 1d427fa Envelope tool does not work properly in Linear tab almost fixed
  • 1224d67 fixed the problem of brushing tool not working properly in circular arc tab
  • 675c705 fixing envelope not working properly in Linear tab bug
  • 18099f9 the brush tool has been made binary, i.e., brush a not brushed face & clean a brushed face upon click
  • 043d30c temp
  • c4834fa fixed a segment icon naming issue
  • 47d6767 adding envelope tool to algebraic curves
  • eff310a added brush tool for algebraic curves
  • 036c824 working on brush tool for algebraic curves: approximation points order issue
  • 7a07b76 fixed the bug of linear tab not functional
  • b3cfe24 working on the linear tab brush tool not functional bug
  • 3d4124a fixed a conic curve face drawing bug
  • 7000cae fixing some bugs
  • d816970 working on a better parser for algebraic curve expressions
  • e0869b0 fixed the problem of unable to brushing algebraic curves with infinite bounding boxes
  • 3d6366b working on the horizontal line insertion crash issue
  • ba3c92f managed to make the rectangle at the origin disappear
  • d08f85f small changes
  • ff733fe added more explicit instantiation in the demo program
  • cba1e92 completed the 2nd stage of demo program Explicit Instantiation
  • eca6571 completed the 1st stage of demo program Explicit Instantiation
  • 6495e22 Added error handling for AlgebraicCurveExpressionParser class
  • 45dca59 used the class in Curve_renderer_facade.h to render algebraic curve
  • 58b6800 update the bounding box of a algebraic curve correctly
  • d9830e7 corrected the CMakeLists.txt
  • 0e8027d Added c++11 statement in CMakeLists.txt
  • 189a6ca added polynomial parse class to handle user input
  • 68eb54a Added new dialog windown for Algebraic curve input
  • cf92b5f keep working on properly visualize algebraic curves
  • 6e50f1d implemented the visualization of Algebraic curves with a few issues
  • 878a020 Working on the visualization of Algebraic curves
  • 7938f31 start adding Algebraic curve feature to the demo
  • 2d4d339 fixed the problem of demo crash in Conic tab when switch to another conic type during an ongoing insertion
  • 1ccdc15 fix the problem of menubar having no response after starting the demo from terminal
  • cebccaa fixed the problem of after enabling both snapping to point and to grid, disable the snap to point, the grid still shows
  • 4e65ba0 fixed the problem of unable to cancel an insertion
  • 85474e3 fixed the problme of memory leak in closing tab
  • a4f4550 Fixed the problem of closing the tab before current tab, current tab has no response
  • 6a3d180 Add some comments and removed some redundent code in ArrangementGraphicsItem.h
  • 6db91c6 Add some comments in ArrangementGraphicsItem.h
  • 58a5fea Added some comments in GraphicsViewCurveInput.h
  • 68307b5 Add .gitignore file to this demo program
@sloriot sloriot closed this Aug 24, 2017
@sloriot sloriot changed the title GSoC 2017: 2D Arrangement Demo Enhancement with New Geometric Curves 2D Arrangement Demo Enhancement with New Geometric Curves Aug 24, 2017
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