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@lrineau lrineau released this Mar 13, 2019 · 45 commits to master since this release

The CGAL Open Source Project is pleased to announce the release 4.14 Beta 2 of CGAL, the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library.

CGAL version 4.14 Beta 2 is a public testing release. It should provide a solid ground to report bugs that need to be tackled before the release of the final version of CGAL 4.14 in September.

Compared to CGAL version 4.14 Beta 1, this version fixes several bugs including one that prevented the build of all CGAL demos.

Besides fixes and general enhancement to existing packages, the following has changed since CGAL 4.13:

2D Periodic Hyperbolic Triangulations (new package)

  • This package allows the computation of Delaunay triangulations of the Bolza surface. The Bolza surface is the most symmetric hyperbolic surface of genus 2. Its fundamental domain is the regular hyperbolic octagon with angles π/4 centered at the origin of the Poincaré disk. Triangulations of the Bolza surface can be seen as triangulations of the hyperbolic plane that are periodic in the four directions defined by the sides of this regular octagon.

2D Hyperbolic Triangulations (new package)

  • This package allows the computation of Delaunay Triangulations of sets of points in the Poincaré disk, which is one of the conformal models for the hyperbolic plane.

The Heat Method (new package)

  • This package provides an algorithm that solves the single- or multiple-source shortest path problem by returning an approximation of the geodesic distance for all vertices of a triangle mesh to the closest vertex in a given set of source vertices.

Triangulated Surface Mesh Approximation (new package)

  • This package implements the Variational Shape Approximation method to approximate an input surface triangle mesh by a simpler surface triangle mesh.

See for a complete list of changes.

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