@lrineau lrineau released this Aug 4, 2016 · 9386 commits to master since this release

The CGAL Open Source Project is pleased to announce the release 4.9 Beta 1
of CGAL, the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library.

CGAL version 4.9 Beta 1 is a public testing release. It should provide
a solid ground to report bugs that need to be tackled before the
release of the final version of CGAL 4.9 in September.

Besides fixes and general enhancement to existing packages, the following
has changed since CGAL 4.8:


  • CGAL can now be used in headers only mode, i.e. without compiling the
    CGAL libraries and linking with these libraries when compiling
    examples, tests and demos. Note that running CMake on CGAL is still
    required in order to generate some configuration files.

Cone Based Spanners (new package)

  • This package provides algorithms for constructing two kinds of
    cone-based spanners: Yao graph and Theta graph, given a set of
    vertices on the plane and the directions of cone boundaries.

See for a complete list of changes.