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"":"Afanasy server name or direct IP address literals",
"":"Afanasy server will use IPv6 if it is configured on server interface",
"":"IPv6 is disabled by default, to enable it, set this parameter value to 0",
"":"Afanasy server HTTP serve folder, if empty CGRU root folder will be used",
"":"Trusted IP addresses masks. From these IPs no authentication needed.",
"":"Mask should have at least one '.' for IPv4 or one ':' for IPv6.",
"":"Digest authentication file path relative to CGRU_LOCATION folder",
"":"Commands arguments:",
"":"@ARG@ - will be replaced with render name:",
"":"@ASK@ - raise dialog to ask a string:",
"":"@IP@ - will be replaced with render ip address:",
"af_rendercmds":["vncviewer @ARG@","xterm -e \"ping @ARG@; read -s -n 1\"","xterm -e \"ping @IP@; read -s -n 1\""],
"af_rendercmds_admin":["xterm -e \"ssh @ARG@; read -s -n 1\"","xterm -e \"ssh @ARG@ \\\"@ASK@\\\"; read -s -n 1\""],
"":"Command for render to reboot a machine.",
"":"For MS Windows you can use 'shutdown /r'.",
"af_render_cmd_shutdown":"shutdown -P 1 afrequest",
"":"Command for render to shutdown a machine.",
"":"For MS Windows you can use 'shutdown /s'.",
"":"On UNIX sleep command usually needs root privileges.",
"":"Try to use 'sudo wolsleep' and add a line in /etc/sudoers:",
"":"render ALL = (ALL) NOPASSWD: /opt/cgru/bin/wolsleep",
"":"Or configure your own way to sleep.",
"af_rendercmds":["vncviewer @ARG@","start ping /t @ARG@","start ping /t @IP@"],
"af_render_cmd_reboot":"shutdown /r",
"af_render_cmd_shutdown":"shutdown /s",
"af_render_cmd_wolsleep":"cmd.exe /c wolsleep",
"ImageMagick Studio library and utility programs",
"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library",
"QuickTimeHelper-32.exe - Application Error",
"Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger"
"":"If 'AF_CMD_PREFIX' environment variable exists, it will be used. All commands with be prefixed with it.",
"":"Log history for any afnode (job, render, user)",
"":"Render heartbeat in seconds.",
"":"It refresh tasks, update server, reveice an answer which can contain new tasks.",
"":"So every af_render_heartbeat_sec render connects, write, read and disconnects from server (TCP).",
"":"Render resources update period.",
"":"If heartbeat is 3 and up_resources is 5, render will update resources every 15 seconds.",
"":"Default render capacity value, if not set in farm config.",
"":"Maximum allowed simultaneously running tasks on render, if not set in farm config.",
"":"Network interface to measure traffic",
"":"If not specified all used except loopback",
"":"Path to measure free disk space.",
"":"'/' - for MS Windows means the root of the system disk.",
"":"Device to measure disk IO statistics.",
"":"For MS Windows - statistics only for first disk available.",
"":"Custom resources meters:",
"":"example - simple resource meter for an example only",
"":"iostat - parse output of linux 'iostat' command",
"":"Device(s) for custom python resource meter 'iostat'.",
"":"To watch several devices use regular expression, for example 'sda[2-4]'.",
"":"If several devices matching pattern are founded,",
"":"it calculates the sum of traffic parameters and maximum of utilization parameters.",
"":"Renice task command process on render.",
"":"MS Windows priority:",
"":"if( nice > 0 ) priority = BELOW_NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS;",
"":"if( nice > 10 ) priority = IDLE_PRIORITY_CLASS;",
"":"if( nice < 0 ) priority = ABOVE_NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS;",
"":"if( nice < -10 ) priority = HIGH_PRIORITY_CLASS;",
"":"If render will not send update its resources for this time(seconds),",
"":"server will put it in 'OFFLINE' state.",
"":"Program will exit if there will be no tasks for this time(seconds),",
"":"Negative value disables this feature",
"":"If task progress (state or percentage) has not been updated for this period,",
"":"It wiil considered as an error, and render will be push in error hosts list.",
"":"If render was asked to stop a task, but it did not send task finish message,",
"":"it wiil be considered as not running any way.",
"":"If task progress did not change within this time, consider that it is erroneous.",
"":"A value of -1 will disable this feature.",
"":"Connection fails number to consider that render can`t connect to server.",
"":"Was used, will be needed, but not used for now",
"af_thumbnail_cmd":"convert -identify \"%(image)s\" %(pre_args)s -thumbnail \"100x100^\" -alpha Deactivate -gravity center -extent 100x100 -colorspace sRGB \"%(thumbnail)s\"",
"":"Monitor: (server side - any gui)",
"":"Watch: (qt gui - client side)",
"":"sting to pass to PQconnectdb",
"af_db_conninfo":"host=localhost dbname=afanasy user=afadmin password=AfPassword",
"":"System job:",
"":"Number of threads to process clients connections.",
"":"Ten threads to process should be enough for any situation.",
"":"Number of threads to read/write clients connections.",
"":"Ten threads does not mean that server can handle only about 10 clients.",
"":"This only means that it can read/write to 10 clients at the same time.",
"":"Other clients will just wait in IO queue.",
"":"For a fast networks designed for rendering 10 IO threads should be enough for any farm size.",
"":"Server sockets processing stack size.",
"":"Zero, negative value or no parameter means to use system default",
"":"You can use non-blocking IO on Linux server, based on Linux epoll facility",
"":"If it is disabled (by default), Linux server will use blocking IO based on threads, like other platforms",
"":"Server waits client close socket first. Web browsers do it, only if we ask it in HTTP header by special header",
"":"If you browser ignores 'Connection: close' header, you can make server not to wait it.",
"":"Socket options that can be set to play with:",
"":"Use -1 value not to set socket option at all",
"":"See man socket for details.",
"":"Server will output some network statistics by this period",
"":"Number of cycles (seconds) between waking each render",