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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import os
import sys
import traceback
import afcommon
import cgruconfig
import cgrupathmap
import cgruutils
str_capacity = '@AF_CAPACITY@'
str_hosts = '@AF_HOSTS@'
str_hostsprefix = '-H '
str_hostseparator = ','
class service(object): # TODO: Class names should follow CamelCase naming convention
"""This is base service class.
:param taskInfo:
def __init__(self, taskInfo, i_verbose):
self.taskInfo = taskInfo
self.verbose = i_verbose
self.log = None
self.numeric = afcommon.checkBlockFlag(
taskInfo['block_flags'], 'numeric'
if self.verbose: print(taskInfo) = cgrupathmap.PathMap()
self.str_capacity = str_capacity
self.str_hosts = str_hosts
self.str_hostsprefix = str_hostsprefix
self.str_hostseparator = str_hostseparator
# Transfer working folder:
taskInfo['wdir'] =['wdir'])
# Process command:
command = self.processCommandPattern()
# Transfer command:
command =
# Apply capacity:
if self.taskInfo['capacity'] > 0:
command = self.applyCmdCapacity(command)
# Apply hosts (multihosts tasks):
if len(self.taskInfo['hosts']):
command = self.applyCmdHosts(command)
taskInfo['command'] = command
if self.verbose:
print('Processed task command:\n' + command)
# Process files:
taskInfo['files'] = self.processFilesPattern()
if self.verbose:
print('Processed task files:')
for afile in taskInfo['files']:
# Transfer paths in files:
for i in range(0, len(self.taskInfo['files'])):
self.taskInfo['files'][i] = \['files'][i])
# Check files:
if self.isSkippingExistingFiles() and len(self.taskInfo['files']):
# When GUI receives task exec to show files,
# server sends exec with parsed files.
for i in range(0, len(self.taskInfo['parsed_files'])):
self.taskInfo['parsed_files'][i] = \['parsed_files'][i])
# Initialize parser:
self.parser = None
parser = cgruutils.toStr(taskInfo['parser'])
if len(taskInfo['parser']):
mod = __import__('parsers', globals(), locals(), [parser])
cmd = 'mod.%s.%s()' % (parser, parser)
self.parser = eval(cmd)
except: # TODO: too broad exception clause
self.parser = None
print('ERROR: Failed to import parser "%s"' % parser)
if self.verbose and self.log and len(self.log):
def processCommandPattern(self):
return self.processPattern(
def processPattern(self, i_block, i_tasks, i_start, i_finish):
""" Fill numbers for numeric blocks or combine block and tasks patterns for blocks with tasks
:param i_block: a string with a block part
:param i_tasks: an array of strings with a tasks parts for a not numeric blocks
:retutn: as array combined of stings (1 element in array for a numeric)
block = cgruutils.toStr(i_block)
if self.numeric:
return [afcommon.fillNumbers(block, i_start, i_finish)]
array = []
for task in i_tasks:
if len(task) == 0:
task = cgruutils.toStr(task)
result = block
if len(result):
if result.find('@#@') != -1:
result = result.replace('@#@', task)
result += task
result = task
if len(array) == 0:
return array
def processFilesPattern(self):
files = []
for block_file in self.taskInfo['files_block']:
frame = self.taskInfo['frame_start']
while frame <= self.taskInfo['frame_finish']:
files.extend(self.processPattern(block_file, self.taskInfo['files_task'], frame, frame))
frame += self.taskInfo['frame_inc']
return files
def isSkippingExistingFiles(self):
return afcommon.checkBlockFlag(self.taskInfo['block_flags'], 'skipexistingfiles')
def checkExistingFiles(self):
allFilesExist = True
log = ''
for i in range(0, len(self.taskInfo['files'])):
afile = self.taskInfo['files'][i]
if len(afile) == 0: continue
afile = os.path.join(self.taskInfo['wdir'], afile)
if not os.path.isfile(afile):
log += 'File does not exist: "%s"\n' % afile
allFilesExist = False
# Check files size:
file_size_min = self.taskInfo['file_size_min']
file_size_max = self.taskInfo['file_size_max']
if file_size_min > 0 or file_size_max > 0:
size = os.path.getsize(afile)
if file_size_min > 0 and size < file_size_min:
allFilesExist = False
log += 'File size less than minimum(%d): "%s"\n' % (file_size_min, afile)
if file_size_max > 0 and size > file_size_max:
log += 'File size greater than maximum(%d): "%s"\n' % (file_size_max, afile)
allFilesExist = False
log += 'File exists: "%s"\n' % afile
if allFilesExist:
log += 'Task file(s) exits. Skipping command execution.\n'
self.taskInfo['command'] = ''
if len(log):
if self.log is not None and len(self.log):
self.log += log
self.log = log
def getWDir(self):
"""Missing DocString
return self.taskInfo['wdir']
def getCommand(self):
"""Missing DocString
return self.taskInfo['command']
def getFiles(self):
"""Missing DocString
return self.taskInfo['files']
def getParsedFiles(self):
"""Missing DocString
# taskInfo does not have parsed files on render,
# afserver set parsed files parameter on TaskExec for GUIs only,
# it needed for GUIs only to transfer files paths to view
if len(self.taskInfo['parsed_files']):
return self.taskInfo['parsed_files']
elif self.parser is not None:
files = self.parser.getFiles()
for i in range(0, len(files)):
files[i] =[i])
return files
return []
def getLog(self):
This string will appear in server task log
log = ''
if self.parser is not None:
parser_log = self.parser.getLog()
if parser_log is not None and len(parser_log):
log = 'Parser: ' + parser_log
if self.log is not None and len(self.log):
if len(log):
log += '\n'
log += 'Service: ' + self.log
return log
def applyCmdCapacity(self, command):
"""Missing DocString
command = command.replace(
print('Capacity coefficient %s applied:' % self.taskInfo['capacity'])
return command
def applyCmdHosts(self, command):
"""Missing DocString
:param command:
hosts = str_hostsprefix
firsthost = True
for host in self.taskInfo['hosts']:
if firsthost:
firsthost = False
hosts += self.str_hostseparator
hosts += str(host)
command = command.replace(self.str_hosts, hosts)
print('Hosts list "%s" applied:' % str(hosts))
return command
def hasParser(self):
return self.parser is not None
def parse(self, data, mode, pid):
"""Missing DocString
:param data:
:param mode:
:param pid:
if self.parser is None:
return None
self.parser.parse(data, mode, pid)
thumb_cmds = self.generateThumbnail(True)
for cmd in thumb_cmds:
print('Generating thumbnail "on-the-fly":')
return self.parser
def toHTML(self, i_data):
""" Convert data to HTML.
Designed for GUIs for escape sequences, errors highlighting.
:param i_data: input data
:return: converted data
if self.parser is None:
print('Servie.toHTML(): parser is None.')
return i_data
return self.parser.toHTML(i_data)
def checkExitStatus(self, i_status):
""" This function needed to check task process exit status.
By default zero is success, any other means some error.
But some services can have some other good exit status value(s).
status = False
if i_status == 0:
status = True
if self.verbose:
msg = 'ERROR'
if status:
msg = 'SUCCESS'
print('service::checkExitStatus: %d %s' % (i_status, msg))
return status
def doPost(self):
"""Missing DocString
post_cmds = []
if not afcommon.checkBlockFlag(self.taskInfo['block_flags'], 'skipthumbnails'):
# post_cmds.extend(['ls -la > ' + self.taskInfo['store_dir'] + '/afile'])
return post_cmds
def generateThumbnail(self, i_onthefly):
"""Missing DocString
cmds = []
if not os.path.isdir(self.taskInfo['store_dir']):
return cmds
files_list = []
if self.parser is not None:
if i_onthefly:
files_list = self.parser.getFilesOnTheFly()
files_list = self.parser.getFiles()
if len(files_list):
if len(files_list) > 3:
files_list = [
files_list[int(len(files_list) / 2)],
elif len(self.taskInfo['files']) and not i_onthefly:
for afile in self.taskInfo['files']:
# files_list.append(afile.decode('utf-8'))
return cmds
for image in files_list:
image = cgruutils.toStr(image)
if len(image) < 1:
image = os.path.join(self.taskInfo['wdir'], image)
if not os.path.isfile(image):
basename, ext = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(image))
if len(ext) < 2:
ext = ext.lower()[1:]
if ext not in cgruconfig.VARS['af_thumbnail_extensions']:
store_dir = cgruutils.toStr(self.taskInfo['store_dir'])
thumbnail = os.path.basename(image) + '.jpg'
thumbnail = store_dir + '/' + thumbnail
self.taskInfo['image'] = os.path.normpath(image)
self.taskInfo['thumbnail'] = os.path.normpath(thumbnail)
self.taskInfo['pre_args'] = ''
if ext == 'dpx' or ext == 'cin':
self.taskInfo['pre_args'] = '-set colorspace Log'
if ext == 'exr':
self.taskInfo['pre_args'] = '-set colorspace RGB'
cmd = str(cgruconfig.VARS['af_thumbnail_cmd']) % self.taskInfo
# print( cmd)
# cmds.append('echo ' + cmd)
return cmds
def checkRenderedFiles(self):
"""Missing DocString
file_size_min = self.taskInfo['file_size_min']
file_size_max = self.taskInfo['file_size_max']
for i in range(0, len(self.taskInfo['files'])):
afile = self.taskInfo['files'][i]
afile = os.path.join(self.taskInfo['wdir'], afile)
# print('Checking for "%s" %d-%d' %( afile, file_size_min, file_size_max ))
if not os.path.isfile(afile):
self.log = 'File does not exist:\n' + afile
return False
if file_size_min > 0 or file_size_max > 0:
size = os.path.getsize(afile)
if file_size_min > 0 and size < file_size_min:
self.log = 'File size less than minimum (%d < %d):\n%s' % (size, file_size_min, afile)
return False
if file_size_max > 0 and size > file_size_max:
self.log = 'File size greater than maximum (%d < %d):\n%s' % (size, file_size_max, afile)
return False
return True