Easy way to turn a web page into a screen saver for redistribution
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This project is designed to enable web developers to easily create web pages that can be used as native screensavers on Mac OS X. The prebuilt binary should be sufficient in most cases, and can be modified without even requiring Xcode.

How does it work?

Modify these directions as appropriate, but assuming that you are using the prebuilt binary, simply open up the WebViewScreenSaver.saver/Contents/Info.plist file, and adjust the values. The four keys that you need to modify in particular are:

  • CFBundleName - this is the string that will be displayed to the user in the list of screen savers.
  • PrimaryURL - this is the main URL that will be displayed when the screen saver is activated. Can be relative to the Resources directory in the bundle, or an HTTP URL.
  • ConfigureURL - this is the URL that will be displayed when the user is on the configuration page. If you remove this value, it indicates that there is no configuration for the screensaver. Since you can't uses cookies or localStorage, this options doesn't really make sense.
  • ConfigureFrame - the width and height of the configuration panel.

If you want to host the application locally, you can simply place you files in the WebViewScreenSaver.saver/Contents/Resources/site/ directory and update the plist accordingly.

What needs to be done

  • LocalStorage storage works, however it stores data in ~/Library/WebKit, shared with other WebViews.
  • Web SQL Databases don't work.
  • Cookies are shared with Safari.


I borrowed some code from liquidx's webviewscreensaver, so mad propz.