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Ryan's blog source code

Built using Hexo. Hosted on S3 with CloudFront.

Workflow for writing a post:

  • Get the latest version of the code.
  • yarn watch to run a server.
  • hexo new post --slug my-slug "My title" to create a new file in source/_posts.
  • Type type type. Note: you can move the file to source/_drafts to prevent it from being published, but still have it show up locally.
  • yarn deploy to push the changes to S3 and invalidate the CloudFront cache. The yarn config expects you to have run aws configure --profile personal.

Useful information:

  • Documentation on custom tags
  • Most files placed in source will be copied directly to the site, however it will process .md files and .html files placed here unless they have frontmatter to exclude them.
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