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Chronicler is an offline-first web browser. Chronicler works as your own personal:

  • Web archiver, snapshotting pages exactly as you remember them.
  • Search engine, providing full-text search of all pages you visit.
  • Web crawler, automatically downloading entire sites to be browsed later.

📺 Click to watch a brief video showing Chronicler's features:

Introduction to Chronicler video

Getting Started

macOS: You can download the latest version from the releases page.

Other platforms: Currently binary releases are published and tested for macOS only. If you are interested in testing another platform, please get in touch!

⚠️ Early development warning

Chronicler is functional but very early in development. Many features you might expect from a web browser have not yet been implemented. Your feedback is welcomed! Some features that have not yet been implemented include:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for everything (back/forward, open location, new tab).
  • Find in page.
  • Importing and exporting WARC files for interoperability.
  • Collections of pages, to restrict searching and manage disk space.


Thanks for your interest in contributing! 🙌 There are many ways to contribute to Chronicler. Get started here.


Chronicle is provided under the MIT license and is built using open source software. The package.json file lists the software that was used to build Chronicle.

Inspiration and alternatives

If you like the idea of Chronicler, you might also be interested in:

  • wget can mirror websites with some configuration.
  • Webrecorder provides a cloud-based solution to web archiving, and a separate offline viewer program.