Camera motion tracker in AS3
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Motion Tracker Plus Class


This repo is outdated and soon will be deprecated. I'll upload a new one with a much improved class.


Based on MotionTracker class by Justin Windle, extended to return multiple points.


With some time to review now I can see a series of things that might be confusing. Some of them here:

  • The main class has a lot of setters/getters, product of my inexperience with Controls. Most of them are just public access wrappers of MotionTrackerPlus class, so they could be called from Controls instance.

  • MotionTrackerPlus class doesn't use ENTER_FRAME but a Timer. When performing tests I saw some improvement
    by relaxing detection since camera FPS wouldn't go above 30 EVER. Main movie animates and renders fine @60 fps, so using a timer would allow me/you to play around with the class without having to adjust movie FPS.

  • Related to above: I tried to make MotionTrackerPlus class as independent as I could. I mean, it doesn't depend on movie FPS, it can be stopped and reset, resized (captured image). I always wonder if it could be simpler, as it used to be when soulwire released it. I guess I adjust it to my needs at the time and, I hope, you'll do the same and tell me about it.


Freeze background: Compare video feed against last taken frame or fixed one

motionTracker.freezeBackground = true/false;

Return multiple points or unique movement tracker

motionTracker.returnBlobs = true/false;

Configurable interval for detecion

motionTracker.interval = 70;//int,miliseconds

Scale tracking source

Can increase performance (I think) motionTracker.scaleIndex = 0.5;//number,input will be scaled prior to processing the image


Flashplayer sacrifices camera fps when dealing with iterations. When camera fps drops, the whole detection process falls to a laggy response. Hopefully someone will find a cure for this :)

External classes needed:

Keith Peter's Minimal Comps

Greensock's TweenMax Tweening Library

Grant Skinner's ColorMatrix (included in this repo)

Credits, thanks and comments

To Justin Windle, Grant Skinner, Keith Peters, Quasimondo, senocular and many others who offered their knowledge In case I've done any wrong in publishing this work, please let me know. All I've used I've found in SOURCE avalability on some of the sites mentioned. Sorry if my code is somewhat messy, I try to make it clean so others can read it, but sometimes you'll find yourself reading some derranged thoughts I have as I code.