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Alfred 2 and 3 integration with Pass

Packal page

Alfred forum page

This is Alfred 2 and 3 integration with Pass - the standard Unix password manager. I took the idea for this from passmenu which is available for Linux.


To make this work you need:

  • pass (obviously) -- needs to be set up with password store in ~/.password-store/.
  • gpg-agent -- install with brew
  • pinentry-mac -- also install with brew (this is GUI frontend for gpg-agent).

Next configure gpg-agent to use pinentry-mac and not the bundled one, editing ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf:

pinentry-program /usr/local/bin/pinentry-mac


After your system is set up as described above, download the latest package from Packal. Locate the file in Finder, right-click on it and choose 'Open With -> Alfred'. You will be prompted to install the workflow, so go ahead. Next fire up the Alfred console (Alt-Space by default) and type one of the commands described below.


Basic Alfred commands:

pass <filter terms>

This will search through your passwords using the filter terms you provided.

The password will be copied to clipboard and cleared after 45 seconds (this is the default pass -c behavior). You can change that time by modifying the env variable PASSWORD_STORE_CLIP_TIME. Or in the file you can change this line

pass show -c $QUERY

into this one

pass show $QUERY | awk 'BEGIN{ORS=""} {print; exit}' | pbcopy

to aviod auto-clearing of clipboard.

pg <id>

Calls pass generate to add a new password with default length of 20 chars.

po <filter terms>

This will search through your OTP passwords (requires pass-otp) using the filter terms you provided.


To generate the pass.alfredworkflow file (which you can import to Alfred), just use