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  • unlock as main page (maybe in the future)
  • add .htaccess
  • add backup folder
  • Change default fonts _sass/_variables.scss ?
  • Change default font size in .article-wrap
  • add robots.txt and humans.txt
  • Travis CI integration
  • Fix design
  • add missing Support page
  • fix Contact page
  • add favicon
  • fix About page
  • automatically hide 'Pinned Posts' (maybe)
  • expand pictures when clicking on them (maybe)
  • fix Hungarian language (add more languages)
  • change font(s) (?)
  • review Google settings (already did it but there some privacy questions left)
  • add more mobile devices + detections + fallbacks
  • load fonts locally as fallback
  • Responsive Images to reduce the size
  • add page status in 'About' to check if page is online/offline (low-prio)
    • Component selector navigation (low-prio)
    • add video frames (low-prio)
  • ...

Website Features

  • add breadcrumb navigation
  • jQuery Smooth Scroll
  • add Lazyload support
  • add Support for threaded/nested comments
  • randomize Header image on the FP (maybe)
  • Improve page performance with Gulp
  • add picture tag
  • add WuFoo + (or) Mailgun for eMail support questions
  • add Table of Content (TOC) for specific pages
  • add Responsive Video Embed
  • add navigation links via nav_list
  • detect dead links automatically
  • implement Google's reCAPTCHA v3 system (currently beta)
  • unlock comments automatically for supporters
  • implement Bigfoot
  • implement Lity
  • load fontawesome fonts locally to avoid any external connections (GDPR?)

Plugin related


  • fix header image
  • review (again) privacy policy
  • adjust reCAPTCHA v2 image(s)
  • ... Newsletter

  • change 'Sign up' button color and size (maybe)
  • change font? anti-aliasing correction for some Browsers
  • possible hide some 'Newsletter' popups on certain pages (maybe)
  • ...
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