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Unofficial MCT batch helper
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Microsoft Windows 10 Media Creation Tool Helper

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Inofficial batch helper to get and install latest Windows .esd/.iso. The project is original created under the GNU General Public License v3.0 2017 by CHEF-KOCH.


  • Rename file original to
  • Put file in the same folder where the file MediaCreationTool.exe
  • And run MediaCreationTool.exe /selfhost (or via PowerShell: .\MediaCreationTool.exe /selfhost)
  • Save boot ISO..
  • You can tweak the parameters as needed: MediaCreationTool.exe /Selfhost /Eula Accept /Retail /MediaLangCode en-us /MediaArch x86 /MediaEdition Enterprise

The batch-method (as shown in the screenshot) is now optional.


//latest Versions
//Replace 1903 with the version your want (official versions which needs the batch file)



Latest official Windows 10 ESD (direct links + info)

Official Media Creation Tool (direct link)

Unofficial Media Creation Tool Batch

Extracting the products.xml

You will find the products.xml under C:\$Windows.~WS\Sources. The file is also avbl. via download (which contains the products.xml (with all official download links).

Archive MCT +






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