A filter list to block all Spotify ads
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CHEF-KOCH Prevent write access to the Cache folder
This alone already blocks 99% of all ads.
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This filter list was created 2015 and is under MIT license by CHEF-KOCH and contains all the advertising domains which are hard-coded within Spotify (free account).

The project is unofficial and not in any relationship with Spotify AB.

Current Spotify Release: Spotify 1.1.237, see here for mod infos.

Project is closed and merged within CK's-FilterList!

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You can easily import the list into any Adblocker.

Bypass ToS (?)

  • The current ToS (see link below) only affects America and Europe, Swiss is not affected. My advice is to setup a Proxy/VPN for Spotify which connects to Swiss in order to bypass (needs confirmation) the ToS in case you're account get banned you can then win this case and the swiss server in general have less ads.

An additional advice is to set this:

  • Edit - Preferences (CTRL + P) - Privacy Block all cookies... (enable it)
  • Edit - Preferences (CTRL + P) - Advertisement - Change advertising preferences (disable everything here on the Spotify website)
  • Manually delete the Spotify cache folder and mark it as _read-only_so that Spotify won't get access tp it, which prevents to store meta-data and ads in it.

This helps to get rid of cookie leftover(s) tracker(s) and reduces the chance to see banner ads (it does not remove them!).

How to capture ads on Windows?

  • Flush your DNS cache ipconfig /flushdns, then run DNSQuerySniffer and your Spotify Client
  • After an audio Ads appears save domains list via DNSQuerySniffer.
  • In order to provide a useful Pull request or Bug report ensure you're use the latest Spotify version.

How to capture ads on Android?

  • Install AdGuard, ensure HTTPS filtering is globally activated and enabled for the Spotify application.
  • Enable DNS filtering.
  • Go to filter log and export the list. You can click on the domains and block them and export the list in order to provide a useful Pull Request.

How to enable the Spotify Audio Routing function?

  • Using --enable-audio-graph at the end of the Spotify shortcut target address will enable the Playback device selection box!

Release & RePack information

I do not officially maintain the project which means every work I still do is for the community only and for free, no one is forced to download something from the release tab nor do I support something illegal stuff here. Repacking the installer is not illegal, however modifing the files itself is because it's against ToS (which I respect) but including several additional patches and a hosts file seems okay to me.