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This is the Jekyll site which powers <>. Feel free to extend and remix. Make sure to remove the Typekit tag in the layout's header and please use your own images for the sidebar. And make sure to replace my avatar with yours. And remove the keybase verification files with your own, or remove them please.

How to write a guest post

  • Fork this repository
  • Add your post to _posts
  • Submit a pull request to this repository

How to remix for yourself

  • Make sure you add your own webfonts to the <head> tag in _layouts/default.html and _layouts/stripped_down.html. You can change the font stacks in css/variables.less. Recompile your LESS.
  • You should be able to change the colors in css/variables.less. Then recompile your LESS.
  • Either remove or modify .well-known/keybase.txt and keybase.txt to have your keybase public key
  • Replace the avatar in the sidebar with yours by replacing the URL of the img element.
  • Replace the title tag, tag line, site title for mobile, feed title all in the layout.
  • Modify the navigation in _config.yml
  • Add your own sidebar images. By default it looks for hero1.jpg, hero2.jpg and hero3.jpg in the images/ directory. You can change this in the JavaScript code which loads the images in the default layout, or add your own images with the same names.
  • Add your own favicons please. See the images/ directory and the head section of the layouts.
  • When hosting on Github pages, then change the CNAME file to your domain
  • Please add your own icons, you can add FontAwesome and get the icons directly from their CDN. But please don't use the Symbolset icons from my S3. You don't have a license.



  • Content is everything in _posts and _drafts, and also the copy in HTML files (but not the HTML structure).
  • All content is licensed under Creative Commons with Attribution.


All code, including the HTML templates (but not the copy in there), is licensed under the MIT License included in LICENSE.txt.


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