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A port of Rack::Honeypot to Stack for PHP.


composer require stack/honey-pot:~1.0


Wrap your HttpKernelInterface app in an instance of CHH\Stack\Honeypot or add it to your middleware stack.

With stack/builder:


$options = [];

$app = (new Stack\Builder)
    ->push(CHH\Stack\Honeypot::class, $options)

Without the builder:

$app = new Stack\Honeypot($app, $options);

From Rack::Honeypot:

This middleware acts as a spam trap. It inserts, into every outputted <form>, a text field that a spambot will really want to fill in, but is actually not used by the app. The field is hidden to humans via CSS, and includes a warning label for screenreading software.

In the <body>:

  <div class='phonetoy'>
    <label for='email'>Don't fill in this field</label>
    <input type='text' name='email' value=''/>

In the <head>:

<style type='text/css' media='all'>
  div.phonetoy {

Then, for incoming requests, the middleware will check if the text field has been set to an unexpected value. If it has, that means a spambot has altered the field, and the spambot is booted to a dead end blank page.

There are a few options you can pass to the constructor (or to the Stack Builder):

  • class_name is the class assigned to the parent div of the honeypot. Defaults to "phonetoy", an anagram of honeypot.
  • label is the warning label displayed to those with CSS disabled. Defaults to "Don't fill in this field".
  • input_name is the name of the form field. Ensure that this is tempting to a spambot if you modify it. Defaults to "email".
  • input_value is the value of the form field that would only be modified by a spambot. Defaults to blank.
  • always_enabled (defaults to true) set to false if you don't want to insert the trap into all responses returned by your app. Just add X-Honeypot: enabled to your response headers to enable the trap for this response.


See LICENSE.txt.