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File metadata and controls

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Endpoint Configuration Details

Every DataHub configuration creates a separate endpoint with its own settings and its own data. Following configuration options are possible for each endpoint.


See type and name of configuration and define description and if the endpoint is active or not.

General settings

Schema Definition

Define available data entities and their schema (= available fields) for the endpoint. Also define if Assets should be considered in tree items and search requests and if originals and/or what thumbnails should be used for delivery.

Schema settings


Define workspaces for Assets and DataObjects and so manage what data should be actually exposed via the endpoint. It is possible to include and explicitly exclude folders.

Workspace settings

Label Settings

Define nice looking labels for different languages for each field. Each request includes the labels for used fields in response in an additional data structure. They then can be used by the client application.

Additionally define what fields will be considered for aggregation calculation for facet navigation.

Label settings

Please consider that the field list is build based on indexed data. So saving the configuration and processing index queue might be necessary to see up-to-date list here.

Delivery Settings

Define (or generate) an API key for securing the endpoint. This API key needs to be sent as security header with every request.

Delivery settings