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Magrent is a Firefox add-on that enables you to convert magnet links,torrent hashes and Piratebay URLs to torrent files. It uses torrent storage services like for downloading torrent files.

This add-on is useful when you have the magnet URI and want the torrent file or when your are using sites like The Pirate Bay which only provide the magnet links.

Magrent has context menu items and a button.

Magnet/Hash context menu items

These items appear when you right-click on a magnet link or select a torrent info hash and then right-click.

"Download torrent file" will download the torrent from the torrent is available). You can change the default torrent source from Preferences/Options.

"Open in Magrent panel" opens the magnet URI or hash in the panel and shows its download links.

Piratebay context menu items

"Download torrent file" item is available for Piratebay torrent pages and links.

Magrent button and panel

Clicking on the add-on's button will open a panel for converting magnet URIs, hashes and Piratebay URLs to torrent files. It checks your clipboard content and when it recognizes a magnet URI, hash or Piratebay URL, it will convert them automatically and show the download links.

Download links are from,, and

Torrent source for Piratebay URLs is


  • Most of the time you don't need to click on the Convert button, because Magrent grabs and converts the magnet and hash automatically.
  • Torrents may not be available; More sources are provided so that you can try them if one source is down or doesn't have the requested torrent file.


Bittorrent icon by brsev.

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