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Hoa Library (A high order ambisonics library) for Faust

Version :

Hoa.lib 1.1 for Faust (Download). The hoa.lib file contains the high order ambisonics functions in FAUST. This file should already be included in the last FAUST distribution. You just need to include hoa.lib before coding to use it.

Image Faust

Authors :

Julien Colafrancesco, Pierre Guillot, Eliott Paris

Licence :

The hoa.library in under the GNU Public License. If you'd like to avoid the restrictions of the GPL and use Hoa Library for a closed-source product, you contact the CICM.

Functions :
  • encoder : encodes a signal in the circular harmonics domain depending on an order of decomposition and an angle.

  • decoder : decodes an ambisonics sound field for a circular array of loudspeakers.

  • decoderStereo : decodes an ambisonic sound field for stereophonic configuration.

  • optimBasic, optimMaxRe, optimInPhase : weights the circular harmonics signals depending to the ambisonics optimization. It can be "basic" for no optimization, "maxRe" or "inPhase".

  • wider : can be used to wide the diffusion of a localised sound. The order depending signals are weighted and appear in a logarithmic way to have linear changes.

  • map : encodes a source with distance compensation.

  • rotate : applies a rotation of the sound field.