Code from our fall 2014 OpenGL seminar.
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Basic OpenGL Programming Seminar

This repository is a collection of files from an OpenGL programming seminar CIF run by Kate Hart (@codehearts) in the fall of 2014. The seminar focused on basic OpenGL quads, texturing, and lighting, and used Python with an OpenGL library called Pyglet. The syntax for OpenGL is very similar across languages, so this code could fairly easily be ported to C or Java.

Follow Along!

You can follow along with the seminar by visiting the different branches and reading their readmes. This master branch is simply a compilation of everything covered in the seminar.

  1. cube-tile
  2. camera
  3. key-hander
  4. textures
  5. lighting
  6. tile-map


You'll need Pyglet and a compatible version of Python. Then you can run the code with python, or python2 depending on your system. You can also run python with the -B flag to prevent Python bytecode files from being generated.