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  • Use typing everywhere
  • Use pathlib whenever possible



  • Bump libraries, update code accordingly



  • Add TOCTOU remediations


New features:

  • configuration information is now conveniently held in a Config object instead of in globals
  • New easier to read text-based logger (removed twiggy dependency)
  • Various filetypes in now have improved descriptions for log
  • Improved the PyCIRCLean API interface for adding file descriptions to files
  • New integration test harness using a sample file catalog


  • Switched back to released version of oletools
  • Use set of malicious extensions from Chrome
  • Check for XML Forms Architectures in PDFs
  • Symlinks were being followed
  • Prevent copying MacOS hidden files
  • Fixes for several filetypes that were incorrectly being identified as dangerous
  • Fix support for .rar archives
  • Turn off executable bit on copied files


New features:

  • Dropped Python 2.7 support: PyCIRCLean is now Python 3.3+ only
  • Tests are now easier to write and run: we have support for pytest and tox!
  • More documentation: both docstrings and more detailed readmes
  • Added more types of examples for testing
  • The Travis build now runs in ~10 minutes vs. ~30 minutes before


  • Extension matching now catches lower/upper case errors
  • Fixed remaining python 3 issues with
  • Fixed support for .rtf files
  • Many other small filetype related fixes