Setting Up on Linux or Mac

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To set up MARS for developing on a Mac or Linux computer, please follow these set of instructions for the development environment. Since the project uses React and Redux, I suggest downloading the React and Redux Add-on developer tools through the Chrome browser, but they are not necessary for development.

1. Mars uses Node Package Manager (NPM) for managing dependencies. If you don't have Node.js and NPM on your computer, you will need to install Node and NPM comes installed with it.
Download Node.js

2. If you do not have the MARS repo set up on your local machine, you will need to follow the instructions below.
Otherwise, fetch any new code from the upstream with:
git fetch upstream master
To set up your MARS repo, navigate to the MARS Github page, and you will want to fork the project into your repositories by pushing the "Fork" button.
If you don't already have git installed, then you can follow these instructions here.
In your terminal, you will need to enter the command (where YOURUSERNAME is replaced with your github username):

git clone

This will create a new folder in your current directory with the name "MARS" and initialize the repo.

3. Install the dependencies for MARS.
You will need to be in the /mars directory, and you can change directories by running the following command in the terminal:

cd mars

Now install the dependencies by running the command in the terminal:

npm install

4. Run MARS.
Run the next command to open the native application in Electron:

npm run start-dev-watch

Electron will open, and you should be able to see the MARS application. If you don't see the MARS homepage, you may need to wait 2 minutes for the app to build, and then you can press command+R (for MAC) on electron to refresh the browser.

Note: MARS is currently in the development stage, so you may see developer tools in the electron browser.

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