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Homework 4

Grading: 50% correctness, 50% style

Since the behavior of this assignment is identical to the last one, correctness is worth less.

Due Oct 7 at 9PM


In this homework you will redo the last homework using more idiomatic C++ features. Instead of raw pointers, use unique_ptr. Use the copy (or move) and swap idiom for the (copy and move) assignment operator. Write a swap function for node and use it for the copy and swap idiom.

There should be no raw pointers in your code. Do not use new (use make_unique instead) or delete.


Submit node.hpp and node.cpp. We will test using our own main.cpp. Your files should compile without warnings or errors using g++ -Wall -std=c++17 -g main.cpp node.cpp. Your executable should never leak memory (test using valgrind!).

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