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Lynis - README
Author: 2007-2013, Michael Boelen
2013-2016, CISOfy
Description: Security and system auditing tool
Web site:
Development: May 2007 - Now
Support policy: See section 'Support'
Documentation: See web site, README, FAQ and CHANGELOG file
*** NOTE ***
The website contains the latest documentation
[+] Introduction
Lynis is an auditing tool which tests and gathers (security) information from
Unix based systems. The audience for this tool are security and system
auditors, network specialists and system maintainers.
Some of the (future) features and usage options:
- System and security audit checks
- Compliance testing
- File integrity monitoring
- System and file forensics
- Usage of templates/baselines (reporting and monitoring)
- Extended debugging features
Everyone is free to use Lynis under the conditions of the GPL v3 license (see
LICENSE file).
Quick facts
- Name: Lynis
- Type: audit, security, hardening, forensics tool
- License: GPL v3
- Language: Shell script
- Author: Michael Boelen, CISOfy
- Web site:
- Required permissions: root preferred, not needed
- Other requirements: write access to /tmp
[+] Installation
Lynis doesn't have to be installed, so it can be used directly from a
(removable) disk. If you want the program to be installed, use one of the
following methods:
- Create a custom directory (ie. /usr/local/lynis) and unpack the tarball
(tar xfvz lynis-version.tar.gz) into this directory.
- Create a RPM package by using the lynis.spec file (see web site)
run 'rpmbuild -ta lynis-version.tar.gz' (= build RPM package)
run 'rpm -ivh <filename>' (= install RPM package)
See online documentation for detailed instructions.
[+] Supported systems
Since the complexity of auditing different systems and platforms, Lynis is
developed on BSD and Linux.
This tool is tested or confirmed to work with at least:
AIX, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS, Solaris. See the website for the full
list of tested operating systems.
[+] Usage
See online documentation for more information about using Lynis.
[+] Development and Bugs
Found an issue, or do you have a great idea? Let us know:
* GitHub -
* E-mail -
Contributions are appreciated and can be done via GitHub. See
for more information about how to submit them.
[+] Support
Lynis is tested on most common operating systems. The documentation (README,
FAQ) and the debugging information (/var/log/lynis.log), should cover most
questions and problems. Bugs can be reported via GitHub, or sending an e-mail
to the lynis-dev address above.
Commercial features and support is available via CISOfy. This includes support
for compliance testing, a web-based interface, reporting, and more.
For more information see or use the
contact details at
[+] Upgrade to Lynis Enterprise
Individuals and companies which use this software for more than 10 systems, should
think about the value of this tool in their job. To support ongoing development on
this tool we have a commercial version available. Lynis Enterprise Suite uses
Lynis to audit systems, but also provides malware scanning, intrusion detection
and has additional guidance. For all features, please see our website:
[+] Thanks
Thanks to the community for using and supporting open source software.
Many comments, bugs/patches and questions are the key to success and ongoing
motivation in developing tools like this.
Lynis - Copyright 2007-2016, Michael Boelen and CISOfy -