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@mboelen mboelen released this May 3, 2017 · 648 commits to master since this release

During the development of this release, the project got informed about a flaw that possibly could be abused by a local attacker. Even with the small risk of success, upgrading is highly recommended. See details on CVE-2017-8108

This release is a special maintenance release with focus on cleaning up the code for readability and future expansion.


  • Use ROOTDIR variable instead of fixed paths
  • Introduction of IsEmpty and HasData functions for readability of code
  • Renamed some variables to better indicate their purpose (counting, data type)
  • Removal of unused code and comments
  • Deleted unused tests from database file
  • Correct levels of identation
  • Support for older mac OS X versions (Lion and Mountain Lion)
  • Initialized variables for more binaries
  • Additional sysctls are tested


  • MALW-3280 - Extended test with Symantec components
  • PKGS-7332 - Detection of macOS ports tool and installed packages
  • TOOL-5120 - Snort detection
  • TOOL-5122 - Snort configuration file
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