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Requests for comments / patches to CISPA or HR 3523, Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
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Requests for forking / commenting / patches to CISPA or HR 3523, Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act


We've recently had conversations with a couple of the house staffers that have been responsible for the CISPA legislation, and they've expressed concerns that the bill will be sidelined and/or waylaid...

They said that they would rather get feedback from individuals in the community regarding what they would like to see in the CISPA bill.

After the PIPA protest, it's become clear to all the geeks have important things to say, but sadly, they don't have a voice, and/or aren't used to the usual methods of political advocacy.

So, in an attempt to speak to geeks regarding a Cyber Intelligence bill, and their concerns regarding privacy, we've decided to try and help foster more direct, helpful communication between people writing the law and people opposing it.

It struck me as I read through this legislation, that this bill is awfully similar to code. And, if you see laws as the code the runs the program of government, it makes sense.

What are ways that geeks use to communicate about code? Source control. And, Github in particular these days.

So, to try and communicate and get feedback from the geek community, I've decided to put the text of the current version of the law up on github.

Forking and patching requested.


To give the geek community a chance to look at the current bill, make comments, and if possible create improvements to the bill by submitting comments and / or patches.

Will this work?

Who knows, but it's better than having a bill that the geek / programming community hates, isn't it?

And, the staffers that are writing the bill, have promised to look at the comments and revisions that are suggested here.


PDF of the current version

From the staffers, Jamil Jaffers and Tom Corcoran:

We'd really appreciate getting feedback from the community on the 
bill and we are currently still discussing these issues with groups 
like CDT also and may make some changes.

In addition, no matter what happens this week in the House, we are 
far from the end of this process and we hope to keep working with 
you and the community to get this right.
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