Yet Another Cyber Coin - a new Star in the Cyber Currency Universe!
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======= YACCoin

Launch date: February 12th, 2014.

History: YACCoin was born as "Yet Another Cyber Coin". We feel it was evolved into a new star in the cyber coin universe.

Why generate Yet Another Cyber Coin? Well, for starters, it was fun and a great way to learn about the communities associated with cyber coins (aka crypto coins), not to mention all the technical and programming challenges that needed to be overcome (both fun and educational). Along the way a great user community focused around the coin was born.

How are we different? The development team is in this for the long run and are active members in the altcoin community - helping select other altcoins succeed and working directly with pool and exchange operators as well as participating in altcoin industry forums. We have faith the coin will grow, and the passion to make sure it does. We have already been contacted by a couple of vendors wishing to use the coin, so we are encouraged it will be used for more than just exchanges. Those involved with YACCoin today (developers and a core of dedicated supporters alike) are working on methods to use crypto-currencies in a manner in which it was intended: To allow the fast and efficient exchange and purchasing of goods and services without the need to use expensive third parties.

That is not all: By making full use of the YACCoin blockchain and network, the coin's technologies will also be used at an intrinsic level to provide a stable and sustainable method to improve gaming and other services deliverable via the internet and World Wide Web.

For YACCoin, sustainability and growth are the most important factors and will always remain so.

YACCoin! Mine today... spend tomorrow!

Key stats:

Project started in late January, 2014.

1024 coin initial payout - since its a power of 2, it will halve nicely!

2 year half life - get in early. Besides... will anyone really be wanting to mine decades from now?

23.5 years of coin generation (yields roughly 100X the 84M Litecoin limit)

1.5 minute block time - should be a decent compromise

Short form: Faster transaction, but no so fast that stale blocks become a huge problem 
Long form: 

25 hour block difficulty adjustment (every 1000 blocks)

Like Litecoin, YACCoin is scrypt based - a mild manored attempt at keeping it in mortal hands while still using commonly available mining tools.

Unlike Litecoin, YACCoin uses the Kimoto Gravity Well difficulty adjustment to provide some protection from difficulty surges.

Hard numbers:

8,437,616,148 Total coins in the pool

1.5 * 60 * 1000 TargetTimespan (e.g. 25 hours)

1.5 * 60 TargetSpacing (e.g. 90 seconds)


Listen: 6333 (16333 for testnet)

JSON-RPC: 6332 (16332 for testnet)


YACCoin is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see


Obviously, primary credit has to go to the Bitcoin and Litecoin development teams without whome this project would never have been conceived of. The wallet code was cloned from the release of Litecoin.

Addition credits go to the links below:

And all the folks responsible for QT, MingW32, and the other tools used to build the Windows version of this.

Development of YACCoin was done using a Gentoo Linux environment.

Special thanks to the folks over at for their support


Although not support as of this writing, Cryptsy makes all us altcoins practical. Please show your support by using this referral link: Our trade key at Cryptsy: 588db94f3b0f7a85c7530c90c9b13246a14ca50c Direct BTC: 1HRWTYCwL5fA9LjbHLdRTdZ9TwU5TNMgjt Direct LTC: LfHFVK3SaUVuyz5kF2rYU6jFY1fsTc81ur Direct YACC: DYgruunQ6SDeXr1nb94UuWknzB2C1KM2WV