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The core mod for all of my other mods
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CJCore 1.12.2

About the mod

CJCore is a mod aimed at simplifying more complicated tasks. It works as an inbetween mod for APIs. It allows the users to easily use utility methods to allow energy integration etc. a whole lot easier.

Can I use this mod in a mod pack?

Yes you can but please notify me so I can see where my mod is being used (you don't have to but it would be nice)

Can I use the code for my own mod?

Of course! My mod is open source and means that anyone can use my code but please don't claim any code as your own :D

Adding the mod to your environment

Just use this link to get all you need: Use the branch button and select the correct minecraft version. Then you can add what the website says. Where the website says "implementation", use "compile"

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