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License license

Data workspaces, made simple.

Welcome to Workbench! (CJ for computational journalism)

Workbench is a platform that combines data tools and training for journalists. It is a workbook-style data processing system designed around modular tools for data processing -- table in, table out -- with no code required. Features include:

  • Modules to scrape, clean, analyze and visualize data
  • An integrated data journalism training program
  • Connect to Google Drive, Twitter, and API endpoints.
  • Every action is recorded, so all workflows are repeatable and transparent
  • All data is live and versioned, and you can monitor for changes.
  • Write custom modules in Python and add them to the module library

Try it

To see what Workbench does, try our public server, now in beta. Or run your own server.

User Documentation


Workbench is licensed under the AGPL 3.0 license. You are free to use the code or parts of it in your own applications, even your own own closed source applications, but if you modify Workbench code or merge it into your own software you must open-source the modifications.

Contact us

Always happy to hear from you:

We also accept Pull Requests :)


Workbench is a project of Columbia Journalism School, made possible through the generous support of Krishna Bharat and the Knight Foundation.