Crowd Based Coding and Harmonization using Linked Data
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Author: Rinke Hoekstra
Copyright: Rinke Hoekstra, VU University Amsterdam
License: MIT License (see license.txt)

QBer is a tool for automatically converting CSV or SAV files that contain statistical data (currently tailored for census data) to the RDF Data Cube vocabulary of the W3C.


  • Make sure you have a working version of the CSDH API running (or can connect to one hosted elsewhere).

Running Qber

Using docker
  • Make sure you have docker and docker-compose installed
  • Run docker-compose build (this step can be removed when this img is pushed to docker hub)
  • Optionally update the docker-compose.yml file to change the CSDH_API URL.
  • Run docker-compose up to start qber.
  • Qber is now running at http://localhost:8000
  • Make sure you have Node.js installed, including its package manager npm. Test this by running e.g. npm --version in a terminal window.
  • If you don't have it, follow the instructions at Node.js. For MacOS users, we recommend you use Homebrew to install npm and its dependencies: brew install npm
  • Clone the master branch of this repository to a directory of your choice: git clone
  • Change into the folder you just created, and run: npm install
  • Edit the QBerAPI.js file in the src/js/utils directory and set the CSDH_API variable to the HTTP address of the CSDH instance of your choice, e.g.: var CSDH_API = "http://localhost:5000"
  • To start qber:
    • In development mode: npm run dev
    • In production mode:
      • First build qber: npm run build
      • Then start qber: npm run serve
  • Qber is now running at http://localhost:8000

Known issues

QBer has only been tested using the Google Chrome browser. Other browsers may not work as expected (e.g. Safari doesn't always show the login button)

If you experience any unexpected behavior, please report it using the GitHub issues tracker.