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Guidelines for software quality & sustainability (CLARIAH WP2 task 54.100)
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Software Quality Guidelines

This repository contains guidelines for software quality & sustainability for CLARIAH. It has been composed as a part of WP2 task 54.100. Please access the PDF document in this repository to read the latest version. The guidelines themselves are also available in the form of an interactive web-survey.

The document came about in response to the need for increasing attention to software quality and sustainability in the academic world, as software is such an essential component of our research, yet good software development practice is often not adhered to in a satisfactory degree, and sustainability is often problematic. The guidelines are an instrument for both for the developers of software, as well as software adopters, to assess the quality and sustainability of software

The guidelines are currently in a proposal stage in which we would very much like to get some input. Please see the Request for Comment section at the end of the PDF.

Use our Github Issue Tracker for comments if possible.

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