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CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure) is a pan-European research infrastructure intended for the humanities and social sciences

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  1. embeddings embeddings Public

    Embeddings: State-of-the-art Text Representations for Natural Language Processing tasks, an initial version of library focus on the Polish Language

    Python 34 3

  2. PolDeepNer PolDeepNer Public

    Tool for named entity recognition for Polish based on deep learning.

    Python 28 6

  3. chatgpt-evaluation-01-2023 chatgpt-evaluation-01-2023 Public

    Code, datasets and results of the ChatGPT evaluation presented in paper "ChatGPT: Jack of all trades, master of none"

    Jupyter Notebook 28 4

  4. Liner2 Liner2 Public

    Generic framework for information extraction tasks, including recognition of named entities, temporal expressions, spatial expressions and events.

    Java 11 6


    This is the way: designing and compiling LEPISZCZE, a comprehensive NLP benchmark for Polish

    Python 11 2

  6. Inforex Inforex Public

    Inforex is a web system for text corpora construction.

    JavaScript 10 9


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