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AutoPkg BESEngine

Update for Python3 and AutoPkg 2.0

AutoPkg 2.0 has started to ship with it's own install of python3, which means that installing modules for python system wide or into user spaces won't work as expected. The AutoPkgBESEngine requires the additon of the following modules to the AutoPkg Python Framework, as well as the besapi folder:

requests ( -> urllib3 (requests) -> chardet (requests) -> idna (requests) lxml (

One option is to place the folders from the "modules" folder in the repo into the "/Library/AutoPkg/Python3/Python.framework/Versions/Current/lib/python3.7/site-packages/" folder.

See Installing Additional Modules from AutoPkg wiki for more information.

AutoPkgBESEngine is a collection of shared processors for AutoPkg used to automatically create and import software deployment tasks into a IBM Endpoint Manager console. - AutoPkg Processor for BES (BigFix) XML Tasks and Fixlets - AutoPkg Processor for importing tasks using the BigFix RESTAPI - AutoPkg Processor for uploading files using the BigFix REST API - AutoPkg Processor for retreiving relevance data for tasks


Python Requirements

The easy way...

autopkg repo-add
autopkg install BESEngine

autopkg install QnA

The hard way...

Copy or symlink the BES processors (Code/*.py files) to /Library/AutoPkg/autopkglib.

You can specify your BES console settings directly in the recipes or set them globally:

defaults write com.github.autopkg BES_ROOT_SERVER yourBESRootServer
defaults write com.github.autopkg BES_USERNAME yourAPIUserAccount
defaults write com.github.autopkg BES_PASSWORD yourAPIUserAccountPassword

A few related shared processors for using relevance and utilizing Windows recipes are available here.


Discussion of the use and development of AutoPkg is here.

If you would like to contact the maintainters directly please send an email to

If you have any questions on getting started we'd be happy to help. Or just let us know if you implement this project in your own organization.

Where can I find BigFix recipes?

Penn State currently has over 100 BigFix recipes for commonly used software. Unfortunately, these recipes include many organization specific settings, file paths and naming conventions. We are in the process of cleaning up these recipes so they can be shared publicly.

We are also working on making it easier to share recipes by adding more flexibility for using recipe overrides so organizations can add their own specific customizations but still take advantage of the shared recipes and to share their own.

You can find example recipes under the "Examples" directory. If you'd like to work with us on getting a recipe for a specific piece of software or have any suggestions for making bigfix recipes easier to share please open an issue or send us an email at

Known Issues

  • AutoPkgBESEngine only supports the generation of a single prefetch item, but additional prefetch lines can be hardcoded into the recipes.

  • BESUploader requires a master operator account. Please vote for this IBM RFE -

  • BESRelevanceProvider only supports a single relevance statement and stores the return value in a statically named variable.


Copyright The Pennsylvania State University.


Project Moved:! AutoPkg Processor for BES (BigFix) XML Tasks and Fixlets




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