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To download all the necessary files, first ensure to have installed the Git LFS filters hooks for Git with the following command:

git-lfs install --skip-repo

This step is required to be done before synchronizing the whole source tree and allows to automatically download the files stored within the Git LFS server when Repo checks out the Git LFS-backed repositories of the source tree (i.e. distfiles and artifacts).

Then, you can use Repo to get the sources, the distfiles and the artifacts:

mkdir clipos4
cd clipos4
repo init -u
repo sync

Package repositories (clip-int)

Custom developments (clip-dev)

Copyright © 2018 ANSSI.

CLIP OS is a trademark of the French Republic. As a consequence, any use of the name "CLIP OS" has to be first authorized by the ANSSI. This does not preclude changes to the software posted online and their republication or quotation from identifying the original software under the terms of the LGPL v2.1+ license. Regardless, no use of the name "CLIP OS" on a modified version should suggest that this version is the original work published by the ANSSI.


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