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Set of Linux patches for CLIP OS

This is the patchset for sys-kernel/clip-kernel 4.9.74.

It follows the same conventions as gentoo-sources's genpatch, and incorporates
some of the unipatches from there.

Patchset Numbering Scheme

1000-1400       linux-stable
1400-1500       linux-stable queue
1500-1700       security
1500-1600       security features
1600-1700       security fixes
1700-1800       architecture-related
1800-1900       mm/scheduling/misc
1900-2000       filesystems
2000-2100       networking core
2100-2200       storage core
2200-2300       power management (ACPI, APM)
2300-2400       bus (USB, IEEE1394, PCI, PCMCIA, ...)
2400-2500       network drivers
2500-2600       storage drivers
2600-2700       input
2700-2900       media (graphics, sound, tv)
2900-3000       other
3000-4000       reserved

4000-4100       network
4100-4200       storage
4200-4300       graphics
4300-4400       filesystem
4400-4500       other

Individual Patch Descriptions:

Patch:  1500_grsec_3.1-4.9.74.patch
Desc:   Latest grsecurity patch: grsec-3.1-4.9.74

Patch:  1501_grsec_fix_dentry_refcounting.patch
From:   Thibaut Sautereau <>
Desc:   Fix dentry reference counting

Patch:  1502_vserver-vs2.3.9.7-anssi.patch
From: and ANSSI
Desc:   Experimental port of the VServer patch vs2.3.8.4 on top of grsecurity
		from Linux 4.1.18 to 4.9

Patch:  1503_vserver_grsec_atomic-fix.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Miscellaneous fixups for the vserver + grsec merge, anything
        other than failed hunks needed to make the two patches work
        together. Mostly PAX_REFCOUNT fixes.

Patch:  1504_vserver-nsproxy-and-leak-fixes-1.patch
From:   Brad Spengler <>
Desc:   Fix vserver nsproxy access/locking and prevent vserver

Patch:  1504_vserver-nsproxy-and-leak-fixes-2.patch
From:   Philippe Trébuchet <>
Desc:   vserver/grsec: Fix vserver nsproxy access and infoleaks

Patch:  1505_vserver-proc-fix.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   TODO.

Patch:  1506_vserver_allow_watch_context_proc_pid.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Allow WATCH context to see every /proc/<pid>.

Patch:  1507_vserver-owner-xid.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Add xid/nid to iptables owner.

Patch:	1508_vserver_grsec_lockref-fixes.patch
From:	Thibaut Sautereau <>
Desc:	vserver/grsec: Fix lockref access operations

Patch:  1510_grsec_tpe_strict.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Adds a stricter TPE mode to grsec's implementation

Patch:  1511_vserver_ping_map_addr.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Map ipv4 addrs in ping socket bind().

Patch:  1512_init_kill_all.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Allows init to kill every process on the system, regardless of
        vserver context boundaries.

Patch:  1513_vserver_hide_proc_vinfo.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Do not show /proc/<tgid>/{v,n}info when the VXF_HIDE_VINFO flag
        is set, rather than showing them as empty.

Patch:  1514_anon_inodes_readonly.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Mount the anonymous inode FS as RDONLY|NOATIME|NOLOCK, and make
        the anonymous inode IMMUTABLE, to avoid creating a communication
        channel between jails.

Patch:  1515_randomize_va_disable.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Disable the randomize_va_space sysctl when PAX_ASLR is active.

Patch:  1516_sysctl_disable.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Disable some 'dangerous' sysctls : kernel.hotplug,
        kernel.vshelper, kernel.suid_dumpable, vm.vdso_enable.

Patch:  1517_vserver_devpts_ptmx_visibility.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Add an exception in vserver's devpts xid tagging, so that
        /dev/pts/ptmx remains visible in non-ADMIN contexts.

Patch:  1518_vserver_no_lookup_warnings.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Remove '<task> did lookup hidden <file>' vserver warnings, which
        tend to clobber the logs and are much less significant than
        other vserver warnings.

Patch:  1519_vserver_nx_nosp.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Add a 'NO_SP' network context flag to vserver. Packets can only
        be emitted or received without a SP from the ADMIN context, and
        those non-ADMIN contexts that have the NO_SP flag.

Patch:  1520_bind_mount_readonly.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Fix 'readonly' bind mounts that got dropped from vserver patch
        somewhere in between 2.6.38 and 2.6.39.

Patch:  1521_audit_xid.patch
From:   ANSSI <>
Desc:   Add vserver context id (xid) information to audit messages.

Patch:  1522_grsec_brute_timeout.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Reduce GRKERNSEC_BRUTE user ban from 15 minutes to 30 seconds.

Patch:  1523_extra_rawio_checks.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>, inspired by
Desc:   Check for CAP_SYS_RAWIO before allowing any PCI configuration.

Patch:  1524_sound_core_vserver_context.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Add filtering on all sound device syscalls (except close()) to
        only allow them in either the ADMIN vserver context or a context
        whose xid matches the value of the 'kernel.clip.sound_xid'

Patch:  1702_get_random_bytes_rdrand.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   When arch_get_random() is available (e.g. rdrand on IvyBridge),
        do not use it exclusively for get_random_bytes(), but mix its
        output with entropy extracted from the non-blocking pool.

Patch:  1710_ARM_imx6q_sdma_firmware.patch
From:   ANSSI <>
Desc:   Missing firmware for ARM board Freescale iMX6 SDMA in vanilla

Patch:  1720_ARM_eurisko_dts.patch
From:   Arnaud Ebalard <>
Desc:   Add DTS for Eurisko board

Patch:  1901_open_mayexec.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Add support for a O_MAYEXEC flag on sys_open(). When this flag
        is passed, sys_open will check that the mount options for the
        underlying vfsmount do not prevent execution. This may allow
        an interpreter to check exec permissions before reading commands
        from a file, and thus enforce W^X at their level.

Patch:  1902_umask_strict.patch
From:   Mickaël Salaün <>
Desc:   Set default umask to 0077.

Patch:  2001_xfrm_state_noipv6.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Fix xfrm_state_init() with AF_UNSPEC selectors (for tunnel
        mode), when IPV6 is not supported.

Patch:  2002_loopback_classB.patch
From:   Vincent Strubel <>
Desc:   Make, rather than /8, the default loopback network,
        thus freeing some local addresses for other contexts.

Patch:  2403_ath5k-fix-resume.patch
Desc:   Prevent oops in ath5k_hw_set_coverage


Set of Linux patches for CLIP OS




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