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Port of the google html sanitizer library
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Port of the google caja html sanitizer library.


Require the library and go

var sanitizer = require('html-css-sanitizer');
function urlX(u) { return u } //url transformer (noop here)
function idX(id) { return id } //id transformer (noop here)
function sanitize (string) {
  return sanitizer.sanitize(string, urlX, idX);
var result = sanitize('test<script>console.log("hi there");</script>');

The default caja library doesn't handle self-closing tags in the best way, so I'm stealing a pull request from isaacs to create a smartSanitize method. To use that, do this:

function smartSanitize (string) {
  return sanitizer.smartSanitize(string, urlX, idX);
result = smartSanitize('<p><a name="foo"/> This is the foo section.</p><p><a name="bar"/> This is the bar section.</p>');

I'm NOT overwriting the original caja sanitize call because.

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