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Spatial Allocator v4.3.2 (October 2018 release)

The Spatial Allocator (SA) is a set of tools that helps users manipulate and generate data files related to emissions and air quality modeling. The tools perform functions similar to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), but are provided to the modeling community free of charge. In addition, the tools are designed to support some of the unique aspects of the file formats used for Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ), Sparse Matrix Operator Kernel Emissions (SMOKE), and Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) modeling.

The SA is licensed as open-source Linux software that was developed with funding from the U.S. EPA. The SA uses GIS industry standard ESRI shapefiles, image files supported by GDAL, netCDF files and plain text data files as input and output data.

Getting the Spatial Allocator from GitHub

git clone

Getting Test Data for the Spatial Allocator

Download data to test your Spatial Allocator installation from

Spatial Allocator Repository Guide

The SA code, scripts, and executables are organized in the following directories:

  • bin - SA 32-bit and 64-bit Linux executables
  • data - Input data for testing the SA installation (download from the CMAS Center)
  • docs - SA Documentation
  • raster_scripts - C-shell scripts for running the Raster Tools
  • ref - location of reference data for verifying the SA installation (download from the CMAS Center)
  • scripts - C-shell scripts for running the Vector Tools
  • src - SA source code and 3rd-party libraries
  • srgtools - C-shell scripts for running the Java version of Surrogate Tools
  • pgsrgtools - C-shell scripts for running the PostgreSQL version of Surrogate Tools
  • util - miscellaneous utility scripts to support the SA tools


Spatial Allocator User's Guide

Spatial Allocator version 4.3.2 Release Notes