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Fork of the archiso project, including files necessary to create a talking install CD for blind users
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I think all of these come from
Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi <>
Several are related to the new Syslinux.



TalkingArch is Chris Brannon's project to create an ArchLinux install CD for blind users.
You can read about it on [this]( page from the Arch Wiki.
You'll find the images on [my website](
If you just want a CD image, you can stop reading here!
The rest of this document is only useful for those who want to build
their own images.

Getting Started

First, grab the talkingarch-git package from the AUR.  Build and install it.
I build TalkingArch using the archiso scripts.
So talkingarch-git depends on archiso-git.
You will find archiso-git in the AUR, as well.
You should update both packages regularly, to keep abreast of upstream
I encourage you to read archiso's README before proceeding.  You can
find that document at /usr/share/doc/archiso/README.

From here on, I'm going to assume that you have root privileges.  You need
them to build the images.  Fire up a root shell, using your preferred

The standard TalkingArch image contains a couple of packages from
a private repository.  These are brltty-minimal and edbrowse.
Edit /etc/pacman.conf, and add the following two lines:

Server =$ARCH

Replace $ARCH with your architecture, E.G., i686 or x86_64.

My configuration is found in /usr/share/talkingarch/configs/talking-inst.
You can build your image right in that directory, if you're so inclined.
But I'd copy it somewhere else, far away from /usr/share.
For this example, we're going to build in /root/tarch,
so execute the following:

mkdir -p /root/tarch
cp -dR /usr/share/talkingarch/configs/talking-inst /root/tarch
cd /root/tarch/talking-inst

Now you can run ./
If you wish to see a list of targets that can be built, run the script with
no arguments.
./ net_iso_single
will produce an ISO image suitable for your current architecture.
Note that the generated image is suitable for either a CD or a USB stick.
Archiso now produces so-called hybrid ISOs.
It's as easy as that!


You'll get a clone of the TalkingArch project when you build
the talkingarch-git package from AUR.  If you want to clone it
manually, use the following:

git clone git://

Miscellaneous Notes

My configuration is only a slight modification of the configs/syslinux-iso
tree from the archiso project.
Most of my modifications are confined to the overlay subdirectory.  I
also added some packages to the package lists.  I modified the Makefile
to produce image files with "TalkingArch" in their names, as well.
Aside from that, I tried to make as few changes as necessary.


All of the people who work on archiso have my heartfelt gratitude.
Thank you for making this process so easy.

Also, I appreciate the people who have used and tested my work, especially
those who sent useful comments and suggestions.


If you have questions or comments, feel free
to send them to cmbrannon79 at gmail DOT com.

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