@jtsternberg jtsternberg released this May 25, 2018 · 141 commits to develop since this release

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  • Enable linking options pages via tabbed-navigation. Will output tabbed navigation for options-pages which share the same 'tab_group' CMB2 box property. This snippet demonstrates how to create a top-level menu options page with multiple submenu pages, each with the tabbed navigation. To specify a different tab title than the options-page title, set the 'tab_title' CMB2 box property. See #301, #627.

  • Complete the zh-CN translation. Props @uicestone (#1089).

  • Update the nl_NL translation. Props @tammohaannl (#1101).

  • Better display for white over transparent images (e.g. logos) by using a checkered background for images. (#1103)

  • Ability to disable the options autoload parameter via filter ("cmb2_should_autoload_{$options_key}") or via a box parameter for 'options-page' box registrations ('autoload' => false,). (#1093)

  • 'textarea_code' field type now uses CodeMirror that is used by WordPress (#1096). A field can opt-out to return to the previous behavior by specifying an 'options' parameter:
    'options' => array( 'disable_codemirror' => true )
    As with the other javascript-enabled fields, the code-editor defaults can be overridden via a data-codeeditor attribute. E.g:

     'attributes' => array(
     	'data-codeeditor' => json_encode( array(
     		'codemirror' => array(
     			'mode' => 'css',
     	) ),
  • Improve/add comment info banners at top of CMB2 CSS files.

  • Added resetBoxes/resetBox Javascript methods for resetting CMB2 box forms.

  • Improved styles for fields in the new-term form.

  • New CMB2_Boxes methods for filtering instances of CMB2, CMB2_Boxes::get_by( $property, $optional_compare ) and CMB2_Boxes::filter_by( $property, $to_ignore = null ).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the 'taxonomy_*' fields when used for term fields/meta. Save the value to term-meta.
  • Clear the CMB2 fields when a term is added. Fixes #794.
  • Repeated fields now use registered field defaults for values. Fixes #1137.
  • Fixed the formatting for deprecated messages in the log.
  • Prevent opening of media modal when clicking the file "Download" link. Fixes #1130.