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DirectX 12 Headers for Delphi and FPC
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DirectX 12 Headers for Delphi and FPC based on SDK 10.0.17763.0 SDK Oct 2018

The files are available under Apache License, Version 2.0. You may obtain a copy of the License at

So this license should be okay also for commerical projects.

This header translation is NOT based on the JSB headers

The HelperFiles are translated to be used with Delphi/FPC. Therefore there are more functions then in the original header file since Pascal syntax doesn't support default values of a function as a result of another function.

But the use should be straight forward. Looks to the examples if any questions.

WHEN you should use this headers: if you plan a new software release and you are not based on much older source code. WHEN you should NOT use this heades: when you have existing source code based on the JSB headers and don't want to change a LOT.

You MUST use this if you work with FPC. The JSB Headers are buggy for FPC cause interfaces not based on IUnknown are solved with abstract classes in Delphi, which will not work on FPC. FPC has the CORBA Interface compiler switch. Also FPC supports BITPACKED RECORDS.

The inline functions of the interfaces are translated to FPC in some headers (still some work todo). FPC supports now helper classes for interface. In Delphi you miss this feature. Maybe someday...

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