maria system, a way to serve git repo through ssh protocol like github
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Maria System

A way to serve git repos through ssh and http protocol like Github.


You can install requirements from requirements.txt with pip install -r requirements.txt.


  1. support git clone/push/pull with ssh and http protocol.
  2. auth by pub key, you can write your own verify code to use mysql and others easily.
  3. people always like coroutine, powered by gevent.
  4. safely, only allow commands in white list.

Run it

Firstly, you have to install requirements and maria itself in your python environment like:

pip install -r requirements
python develop

Then, you can find example in examples dir. In simple case, maria will start Maria System.
You also can specify options by yourself like maria --debug or maria -b
Get options define use this command maria -h.
And maria -k host.key -b -w async run_socket:app will start maria system with all examples.

Anyway, I think single process will be ok in production environment with supervisord or something like that.


with unittest

$ cd /path/to/maria/tests
$ python

or with nose

First, nosetests is required. Get it:

# pip install nose

Then, this will run tests:

$ cd /path/to/maria/tests
$ nosetests -v

Maybe a bug

I disable gevent subprocess monkey patch because I found the execute command function can not exit as I expect, can anyone test it?