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PanopticStudio Toolbox

This repository shows how to work with the Panoptic Studio (Panoptic) data.

Quick start guide

Follow these steps to set up a simple example:

1. Check out the codebase

git clone https://github.com/CMU-Perceptual-Computing-Lab/panoptic-toolbox
cd panoptic-toolbox

2. Download a sample data

To download a dataset, named "171204_pose1_sample" in this example, run the following script.

./scripts/getData.sh 171204_pose1_sample

This bash script requires curl or wget.

This script will create a folder "./171204_pose1_sample" and download the following files.

  • 171204_pose1_sample/hdVideos/hd_00_XX.mp4 #synchronized HD video files (31 views)
  • 171204_pose1_sample/vgaVideos/KINECTNODE%d/vga_XX_XX.mp4 #synchrponized VGA video files (480 views)
  • 171204_pose1_sample/calibration_171204_pose1_sample.json #calibration files
  • 171204_pose1_sample/hdPose3d_stage1_coco19.tar #3D Body Keypoint Data (coco19 keypoint definition)
  • 171204_pose1_sample/hdFace3d.tar #3D Face Keypoint Data
  • 171204_pose1_sample/hdHand3d.tar #3D Hand Keypoint Data

You can also download any other seqeunce through this script. Just use the the name of the target sequence instead of the "171204_pose1_sample".

For example,

./scripts/getData.sh 171204_pose1

for the full version of 171204_pose1 sequence.

You may find the names of other sequences in our website:

Browsing dataset.

You can also specify the number of videos you want to donwload.

./scripts/getData.sh (sequenceName) (VGA_Video_Number) (HD_Video_Number)

For example, the following command will download 240 vga videos and 10 videos.

./scripts/getData.sh 171204_pose1_sample 240 10

Note that we have sorted the VGA camera order so that you download uniformly distributed view.

3. Extract the images & 3D keypoint data

This step requires ffmpeg.

./scripts/extractAll.sh sampleData

This will extract images, for example sampleData/vgaImgs/01_01/01_01_00000000.jpg, and the corresponding 3D skeleton data, for example sampleData/vgaPose3d_stage1/body3DScene_00000000.json.

extractAll.sh is a simple script that combines the following set of commands (you shouldn't need to run these again):

cd sampleData
../scripts/vgaImgsExtractor.sh # PNG files from VGA video (25 fps)
../scripts/hdImgsExtractor.sh # PNG files from HD video (29.97 fps)
tar -xf vgaPose3d_stage1.tar # Extract skeletons at VGA framerate
tar -xf hdPose3d_stage1.tar # Extract skeletons for HD
cd ..

4. Run demo programs (Python)

This codes require numpy, matplotlib.

Visualizing 3D keypoints (body, face, hand):

cd python
jupyter notebook demo_3Dkeypoints_3dview.ipynb

The result should look like this.

Reprojecting 3D keypoints (body, face, hand) on a selected HD view:

cd python
jupyter notebook demo_3Dkeypoints_reprojection_hd.ipynb

The result should look like this.

4. Run demo programs (Matlab)

Note: Matlab code is outdated, and does not handle 3D keypoint outputs (coco19 body, face, hand). Please see this code only for reference. We will update this later.

Matlab example (outdated):

>>> cd matlab
>>> demo

KinopticStudio Toolbox

Kinoptic Studio is a subsystem of Panoptic Studio, which is composed of 10 Kinect2 sensors.

Kinoptic Studio can be independently used from the Panoptic Studio.

See our PtCloudDB document for more details

Quick start guide

Follow these steps to set up a simple example:

1. Download a data

Assuming you want to donwload a sequence named "160422_haggling1"

./scripts/getData_kinoptic.sh 160422_haggling1

This script will download the following files.

  • 160422_haggling1/kinect_shared_depth/ksynctables.json #sync table
  • 160422_haggling1/kinect_shared_depth/KINECTNODE%d/depthdata.dat #depth files
  • 160422_haggling1/kcalibration_160422_haggling1.json #multiple kinects calibration files
  • 160422_haggling1/kinectVideos/kinect_50_%d.mp4 #rgb video files

2. Extract RGB frames

cd 160422_haggling1

3. Run demo to generate point clouds from 10 kinects

matlab ./matlab/demo_kinoptic_gen_ptcloud.m

Note that you should set your "root_path" and "seqName" in this demo file.

4. Run demo to project point clouds on a HD view

matlab ./matlab/demo_kinoptic_projection.m

Similarly, note that you should set your "root_path" and "seqName" in this demo file.

Panoptic 3D PointCloud DB ver.1

You can download all sequences included in our 3D PointCloud DB ver.1 using the following script:



Panoptic Studio Dataset is freely available for free non-commercial use.


By using the dataset, you agree to cite at least one of the following papers.

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