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SAFARI Research Group at ETH Zurich and Carnegie Mellon University

Site for source code and tools distribution from SAFARI Research Group at ETH Zurich and Carnegie Mellon University.


  1. ramulator Public

    A Fast and Extensible DRAM Simulator, with built-in support for modeling many different DRAM technologies including DDRx, LPDDRx, GDDRx, WIOx, HBMx, and various academic proposals. Described in the…

    C++ 336 165

  2. PrIM (Processing-In-Memory benchmarks) is the first benchmark suite for a real-world processing-in-memory (PIM) architecture. PrIM is developed to evaluate, analyze, and characterize the first publ…

    C 56 23

  3. DAMOV Public

    DAMOV is a benchmark suite and a methodical framework targeting the study of data movement bottlenecks in modern applications. It is intended to study new architectures, such as near-data processin…

    C++ 26 4

  4. SneakySnake Public

    SneakySnake🐍 is the first and the only pre-alignment filtering algorithm that works efficiently and fast on modern CPU, FPGA, and GPU architectures. It greatly (by more than two orders of magnitude…

    VHDL 41 9

  5. MQSim Public

    MQSim is a fast and accurate simulator modeling the performance of modern multi-queue (MQ) SSDs as well as traditional SATA based SSDs. MQSim faithfully models new high-bandwidth protocol implement…

    C++ 152 96

  6. rowhammer Public

    Source code for testing the Row Hammer error mechanism in DRAM devices. Described in the ISCA 2014 paper by Kim et al. at

    C 191 41


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