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PKS Ninja Labs is transitioning to a new site, Please visit to find currently active content. Please feel free to browse the pks-ninja repository, however do note that it is no longer actively maintained. Thank you!

Welcome to the PKS Ninja Labs Community on Github

You are viewing the master branch, which is currently dedicated to PKS Version 1.3. You can also view PKS 1.4 and 1.5 materials by selecting the PKS 1.4 branch, and we are also preparing files for PKS 1.6 on the PKS 1.6 branch, however please be aware that the PKS 1.6 materials are still in the early stages of development and may not be fully prepared.

Please Note, this site is currently in beta/preview mode and under active development. Please excuse any errors or ommissions

VMware Hands On Labs (HOL-2031) Users, Please Click Here

The PKS Ninja Community on Github provides free learning resources for cloud native technologies with a learn-by-doing approach focused on practical, hands on skills.

All the content on this site revolves around lab exercises, which align tightly with the common PKS Ninja lab environment. You can load up the lab environment template and use it to go through any of the available Courses. Check out the Community Getting Started Guide for more details.

For VMware employees, Onecloud templates are available for the PKS Ninja lab, for all others we can provide instructions on how you can build your own compatible lab environment. Please see Getting Access to a Lab Environment for more details.

Materials on this site are continuously updated, and we release new courses and labguides frequently so please check out the Community Getting Started Guide for info on joining the google group and slack channel, how to start taking courses and more.

You are currently viewing the main branch of the PKS Ninja repo for the PKS NinjaLab Template Version 11. If you are using a different NinjaLab Template, please switch to the branch for the version you are using

All content on this site is subject to the Apache 2.0 license as detailed here

Community Intro & Overview

The PKS Ninja Labs on Github Community is dedicated to building a community of students and practitioners of Cloud Native Technologies. The community seeks to provide practical educational experiences that help enrich and maximize the knowledge sharing potential for community participants and contributors.

The PKS Ninja Labs Github Community originally started to host lab guides for the VMware internal PKS Ninjs SME program for select VMware SE's. This site hosts the lab guides used in the private PKS Ninja SE course, and also adds a wealth of additional content that is updated on an ongoing basis.

Practical, hands on experience and regular practice is key to becoming an effective practitioner in cloud native technologies. The Ninja learning model focuses on hands on eductation, centered around real world workflows, tools and processes, and made real through actual contribution in open & open source community projects

While the community does have an overall focus on VMware PKS, all are welcome as learning materials on this site cross a broad range of related topics with a strong focus on open source, devops, and all things cloud native

To learn more about the community, please check out the Community Getting Started Guide


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